Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics: Everything You Need To Know

The 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo was supposed to be not only the biggest attraction of this year’s summer, but of the years to come. The Japanese capital has made tremendous efforts to be ready in time for the number one sports event of the new decade – but even their hard work wasn’t able to stop the global pandemic. Now, the new stadiums and facilities built specifically for the sport-summit are left vacant and unused. Constraining their excitement and recalculating the costs, which have already exceeded $25bn, the Tokyoites are now preparing themselves and their city for next year’s summer.

On the other hand, the eager athletes worldwide were preparing themselves for years for the occasion, but are now held in their home countries for the upcoming future. Some were not even able to continue practicing or getting to the training facilities during the winter months, with each country limiting the freedom of movement as it sees fit. Although there’s no doubt that athletes hold, perhaps, the highest standards and dedication to their occupation and craft, it’s likely that their performance would be affected by the recent events.

With a viral threat hanging above it, and without a vaccine ready  – how will the Olympic games look like in 2021? The chief executive of the Tokyo organizing committee, Toshiro Muto, said to the Financial Times that the games will have to stand “in Corona’s shadow”: “The important thing is to deliver an Olympics for people who must live with Covid-19… We want something simple but inspiring”.

Tokyo 2021 Olympics: Everything You Need To Know

Having said that, the new dates for the Olympics, set for July 23rd-August 8th, are an opportunity for both the Olympic committee, as well as the athletes, to find new sponsors and optimize their preparations. At the moment, 206 nations are about to send 11,091 sportsmen and sportswomen next year to the land of the rising sun.

As a part of the delayed games next year, a record of 33 competitions will be held in 339 events at 42 competition venues.  Among the new sports that are going to keep both new and old viewers at the edge of their seats are baseball/softball, squash, karate, skateboarding, surfing, sport climbing and Wushu (Chinese Kong-Fu).

With the delay in mind, the following Paralympic games were moved to new dates as well. The new lineup is scheduled from 24 August to 5 September 2021, and will feature 539 events from 22 sport-fields.

Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics: Everything You Need To Know

The future of the next summer Olympic games is still unknown, with the fact that the games are held every 4 years, and future hosts were already chosen. Accordingly, it’s more than likely that the winter Olympic games will have to be postponed too, as they are held two years after every summer Olympics, and 4 years apart from one another.

More than anything, every person involved will have to show flexibility and patience in the process of re-evaluating the upcoming challenges in the ever-changing current reality. Luckily, when it comes to sports and sportsmanship, it’s safe to say that many will do their very best and unite in order to accomplish the best results.