Bouldering: The Trend Taking Over The World

Whether you prefer being active outdoors or enjoy a healthy movement in a sports hall, you must have heard of, or tried at least once, the trend which is taking the world by storm in the last few years – bouldering.

So why has it gained such huge popularity in so many places? The keen climbers talk about a sport which is way more than just a health benefit. Sure, there are tons of research done about the importance of doing sports on a regular basis, and the many good mental effects it has on the body.

Still, there’s something about bouldering that changed people’s mindset about sports. Although you can do it on your own, you’d usually see many groups of friends bouldering together. This social aspect makes it extremely popular among both men and women, and makes indoor climbing the perfect place to strengthen friendships and build new ones.

One other reason why it became so popular in the States in the last decade, is the fact that bouldering became a part of the collegiate system. Students are more interested than even to try it, and now have easy access to it.

Bouldering: The Trend Taking Over The World

Many people report that what they find most intriguing in bouldering is the fact that it makes them think and plan in a creative way – like solving a puzzle with your body. By starting any track, regardless of its difficulty, the climber needs to find a way to climb up safely, making it mentally challenging. The beginners will probably play around a bit and try to find the easy ways to get to the top, while the more experienced boulderers will find more difficult, challenging ways to reach their destination – which might not necessarily be the top.

And the appetite came with the eating – local climbing centers are at an all-time peak, making it very simple to start a new hobby. Unlike outdoor climbing, bouldering offers you a cheap, easy to set, and safe way to conquer new peaks.

Bouldering: The Trend Taking Over The World

It doesn’t hurt, of course, that many celebrities started bouldering as well, and are very happy to share their photos while climbing up. This sport owes its massive growth to social media, which displays it in all of its glory.

Besides that, bouldering is ageless and very intuitive. Many families realized that it’s the perfect activity for all of their members, from young kids to adults – everyone can participate and have fun.

If you haven’t got the bouldering bug yet, it’s possible that you’ll at least try it once in the near future. Best case scenario, you’ll discover a whole new world, and also have a lot of fun in the process.